When it comes to photography people are obsessed with settings, they have to know where everything is, when to use it, how to use it and so and so and so but they forget about the important thing, the photo, if your taking a photo of something that looks boring it’s a shit shot and all the settings in the world can’t help you, even giving your photo a funky name like “Urban Portrait” isn’t going to help you.

So what are the 3 other things you need to know about photography, location, subject and camera position.

Location – Taking photos in a ally-way or on a graffiti wall doesn’t make your photo look any better, if you need a wall full of street art to make your photo look better, unless your taking a photo of the art, isn’t going to make your photo any better, also everyone does this so your just adding to the junk, your not being different.

Subject – This can be anything from a tree to a car to a model, why do CK ads, Sports Illustrated and car ads photos look so good, it’s the model, it’s a god looking girl, it’s the $250,000 car, it is Kate Moss, I’m sorry but that girl you found on a modeling website isn’t good looking and you only picked her because there is a chance she might take her top off. Your friends done up 2002 Honda if racing stripes doesn’t really look that good, you like it because you can’t afford to do that to your car so in your mind it stands out to you. This is why old street photography photos look better because they have character, it’s the old fashion, the old dinner and people looked different and taking photos of a girl with tattoos is the same as taking a photo of a model in front of a graffiti wall.    

Camera Position – Now this is something that can make the above boring photo look better, if your going to take a photo of a girl with tattoo and you want it be different move that camera and this goes for anything shot, move the camera around, shoot it from up high or down low or from behind and any other way you can think of. What you want to do is take a photo not the way you see it, if you take out your camera and put it up to your eye and take the shot all your doing is showing people the way they would view it but it you move around a bit and give them a different view they will see it in a whole new light.

This weekend I had so much to eat by dinner time Sunday I had to wave the white flag but i did have some good food. For the past 3 years I've been driving past this little pizza place and every time I go past it I alway say I should try it this weekend and finally this weekend came, this weekend, Caruso, and from the second I walked in a knew it was going to be good, after all how can you go wrong when the waitress has an Italian accent.

The pizza was on a thin base, the perfect base to BTW. I'm not sure when pizza I had, the topping was mushrooms, red onion and chunks of meat, my friend had an Hawaiian with massive slices of pineapple, if I had to pick a better one I don't think I could of. For drinks I had the house red, the vino as they called it and it was some good stuff, I'm not in to sourer wine and this wine was just right. 

If your ever down St Kilda and want to try something new or in the mood for a pizza you should try it out. 


AuthorDimi Brckov

The past few Wednesdays I've been going trivia night with a few friends at the local pub and getting our asses kicked but asses is not what this blog is about, this blog is about burgers, thats $10 burgers and chips and they are the bomb as you would say in the hood.

The burger is a nice size, not to big, if your really hungry you can maybe eat two, the burger has pickles, red onion bacon and cheese but for some reason it is the tastiest burger, it would have to be up there in my top 10, 

AuthorDimi Brckov

One thing I’m sick of is people making out that photography is so technical, that it is an art form, that you have to be a master of light before you can even think about taking a photos shits me, get over your self.

Photography is taking photos of something that you like, if your at a party and having a good time, take a photo to remember that, if you see a cool looking sign take a photo to show others, you see a cute girl walking down the street take a photo of her and get slapped, taking photos is meant to be fun.

And then there are the settings junkies, who gives a fuck if you shoot on manual or auto, if you get the shot you get the shot and don’t get me started on film vs digital, I just don’t care.

So what are the 3 thing you’ll ever need to know? ISO, F-Stop and Shutter Speed, that’s it. What do you do with them? You control the amount of light the camera lets in.

ISO, if you shooting on a bright sunny day you’ll have the ISO down around 100-400, if your in the shade or shadows you might need to bump it up over 400 to 800 and if your in a dark room take it up as far as it goes.

F-Stop, is a hole in your lens that lets in light, the smaller the number the bigger the hole the more light, F2 big hole lots of light, F22 small hole less light. With the F-Stop you can also control the DOF (depth of field) that’s when you blur out the back ground.

Shutter Speed, this is that thing that makes the clicking sound when you take a shot and this works on time, the longer it is open the more light comes in and yes you guest it, the faster the shutter speed the less light comes in.

How to work out what to have them all set to, that’s easy, take a shoot and see what it looks like on the screen on the back of the camera. What I like to do is set my F-Stop to around F1.2 to F4 depending on how much of the shot I want in focus, if I’m doing street photography I sometimes have the F-Stop higher just so I can have more of the shot in focus to make sure I can get the person walking past. The shutter speed I keep around 250, give or take a bit and then I play around with the ISO to make the shot brighter or darker, sometimes I guess it right sometimes I’m wrong and that’s why I always take a few test shots to make sure its right.

What can you do to learn, go out and start taking photos, look at the screen on the back and see if you like the exposure, slowly you’ll pick things up as you go and change them around and if people start making fun of you for chimping (looking at the screen on the back of the camera) tell them I said they can suck my. . .

AuthorDimi Brckov
  • Don’t worry what camera you have, a good picture looks the same no matter what camera it came from. I own a Canon 5D mark III but I use my Canon 60D with the kit lens, I have even used my phone.
  • The less stuff you have on you the better, your going to be walking around for a few hours the less weight you have to carry the better.
  • Aim for 1 good photo out of 100 photos.
  • When you first start your photos are going to suck but don’t worry they’ll get better.
  • Don’t make eye contact with the person you want to photo.
  • Feel free to ask people to take their photo.
  • Learn to handle rejection when asking to take someone’s photos.
  • If you’re going to take a photo of a homeless person give them a few dollars.
  • Pretend like you’re taking a photo of something else, when you put the camera down don’t look at the person.
  • Always carry your camera. Always carry your camera. Always carry your camera.
  • A photo that tells a story will give your photo life.
  • Hold the camera in your and, not in a back pack.
  • Don’t put the camera around your neck, you’ll thank me later.
  • Never turn your camera off.
  • Your photos will look better when they age.
  • A photo doesn’t have to be 100% to be good.
  • Remember the felling when you mist a shot when your felling lazy and don’t want to go out
  • Remember the felling when you got the shot when your felling lazy and don’t want to go out
  • I like black and white it doesn’t mean you have to, sometimes color is better
  • Photograph whatever you want, its your camera, its your style.
  •  Respect people.

    diana camera.jpg

    I got a new camera for my birthday, a Diana F+, this of it as a Instagram 120mm film camera and make sure it is 120mm film not 35mm film as the girl sold me. After using it for a day I found it to be a bit different, first its not a digital camera so you can't go trigger happy, you only have 12 shots to take so make sure you get it right, no chimping, not that I have ever disliked chimping but you can't see the shot till you get the film processed at a photo lab.


    Don't forget to take off the lens cap, this is something I always forget but with digital camera if you forget the lens cap on you don't see anything, with Diana you can still see the shot, you might end up taking a few shots before you even see that the lens cap is still on.

    I'm still testing the camera out to see what I can do with it and should have a few photos to show by the end of the week.

    AuthorDimi Brckov